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It all started with one mission: Print my PHOTOs

I was looking at photos one day with my kids when my youngest asked where her baby photos were. Umm, honestly? On the computer, on at least two old phones, and I’m not sure how many flash drives, and the external hard drive. I had thousands of photos just sitting, hidden on some kind of storage device. That’s no life for a photo, for such priceless memories. Thus, I set out to print ALL my forgotten PHOTOs.

Why allPHO?

I couldn’t find a solution, so I created one.

First, I looked at old school prints and photo albums. But frankly, I don’t have the time to stuff hundreds of photos into a photo album, they are not easy to store and you are limited to certain number of photos.  You can find some great deals on prints online too but it just isn’t for me. I was trying to stay away from the eniviatble shoe box full of prints.

Next, I turned my focus to online photo albums, or photobooks. These seemed to be the obvious answer. Long story short… they were not the answer to my photo woes. First, I don’t have the time to sift through all the lovely designs and templates every time I want to print photos. Next, I found myself picking and choosing which photos to include in the book and this was not part of my plan. I wanted to print ALL of my photos. And finally, the cost. While these are lovely, my financial and time budget is not loving it.stay_open1

Without a solution to my photo printing problem, I created my own- the PHOTOzine- a magazine style book created from photos. I was able to print all the photos from the various flash drives, computers, external HD and old phones. Soon, family and friends were asking me to print their photos too and allPHO was born!

The Solution: allPHO and The PHOTOzine

The allPHO process is the easiest method to print ALL your PHOTOs and preserve them for a lifetime of viewing. REGISTER or LOG IN now to get started.



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